classroom notes

Students are provided with a file holder to carry the teaching material and worksheets. Make sure they bring along the materials to classes.

Feel thristy? Distilled water is available from the drinking machine.

The books are available in most bookstores and public libraries.

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Course director's Corner 課程主管留言

Whole brain teaching 全腦教授
Multi-intelligence teaching method is incorporated into the curriculum. This ensures a lively learning experience.
Learning is an active process主動學習
Only through active participation, we can transfer the knowledge rather than just a bunch of skill sets.
Phonics 發音訓練
Our endorsed teaching system is the result of extracting the best from the 4 most popular systems.
Cambridge YLE preparation 劍橋英文試
This world recognised English test becomes vital in the current seat competition. Follow us! We can ensure your kids pass it.
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